6. AAG”s Submission to Ombudsman on 20.9.2013



Public records (archives included) are invaluable resources essential for
decision-making, delivery of public programs and services, protection of assets and
rights, scrutiny of government policies and proposals, proving faults and negligence,
and the understanding and preservation of history and identity.

2. A proper system to manage public records is essential for the effective and
accountable operation of the government in the interest of all citizens. Such a system
must address:
• Mandate and Governance
• Structure and Operation
• Standards and Professionalism

3. Contrary to almost every comparable jurisdiction that has introduced some
form of records and archives legislation, the arrangements for the management of
public records in Hong Kong are underpinned by administrative guidelines. Over the
years, it has demonstrated inherent system weaknesses in all the above areas. It is
contended that


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